Fantastic Cat

Martin H. Greenberg, Andre Norton, Clare Bell, Wilanne Schneider Belden, Elizabeth H. Boyer, Patricia B. Cirone, Marylois Dunn, P. M. Griffin, Caralyn Inks, A. R. Major, Ardath Mayhar, Ann Miller, Karen Rigly, Sasha Miller, Elizabeth Moon, Andre Norton, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, Mary H. Schaub, Roger C. Schlobin, Susan Shwartz, Nancy Springer
Pad along this paw print covered pathway to such fur-raising adventures as those of a noble Siamese out to defend its young mistress from evil, a bioengineered tabby who proves a diplomat beyond all human expectations, a wizard's hazardous encounter with his own familiar's kittens, and other imaginative escapades certain to capture the hearts of fantasy and cat lovers alike.


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