Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master (Parable for Kids: Forgiveness)

Glen Keane
PARABLES FOR KIDS Let Adam Raccoon and King Aren the Lion help your kids learn biblical truth. Children will see themselves in rascally, fun-loving Adam who wants to follow his King, but finds it so easy to stray. The wise, loving King Aren will remind them of Jesus, their King. PARABLES FOR KIDS will • Open doors for you to talk with your kids about their relationship to God. • Challenge your kids to follow Jesus. • Entertain your whole family with delightful picture stories. When Glen Keane isn’t writing and illustrating Parables for Kids, he is a directing animator for Walt Disney Pictures. His work has appeared in many animated features including The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Pocahontas. Glen, his wife, and their two children live near Los Angeles, California.


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