Animator's Workbook: Step-by-Step Techniques of Drawn Animation, The

Tony White
The Animator's Workbook offers a complete course on the principles and techniques of drawn animation. Stressing that animation is a subtle and exacting art form which breathes life into inanimate drawings, Tony White, an award-winning animator, covers every aspect of the process. He provides technical information and explains in easy-to-follow text and step-by-step illustrations, how to capture movement, expression, and emotion. He shows you how to convncingly animate birds and animals and explores special effects - wind, water, fire, and solid objects - that can add realism, drama, and atmosphere to animation.This book takes the mystery out of the animation process and provides sound, reliable guidance and information. Topics include:ContentThe Process of AnimationThe Animator's ToolkitInbetweeningHead TurnsWalksRunsRealistic TouchesTechnical InformationExaggerated ActionThe Animal KingdomDialogueAnimated EffectsBackgrounds


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