Celtic Myth and Legend (A Newcastle mythology book)

Charles Squire
Now back in print for the first time in many years is one of the most comprehensive studies of Celtic mythology legend and poetry ever written, presenting the entire enthralling panorama of the mythical and legendary traditions of the ancient Gaelic and British Celts. Here, in clear, compact, readable form are stories of all the chief characters of Celtic myth: the Gaelic gods and the giants they battled; the "Champions of the Red Branch" of Ulster, heroes of the great "Irish Iliad;" Finn and the Fenians; and the gods and heroes of the ancient Britons, down through the great deeds of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Here is a book that covers the entire spectrum of this fascinating area of folklore, with numerous illustrations. It is not a book for scholars only, but for anyone who is interested in the roots of many of the world's finest plays, poems, short stories and novels.


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