Far Far Away

Tom McNeal
Nominated for the 2013 National Book Award LonglistA dark, contemporary fairy tale in the tradition of Neil Gaiman. Jeremy Johnson Johnson hears voices. Or, specifically, one voice: the ghost of Jacob Grimm, one half of The Brothers Grimm. Jacob watches over Jeremy, protecting him from an unknown dark evil whispered about in the space between this world and the next.             But Jacob can't protect Jeremy from everything. When coltish, copper-haired Ginger Boultinghouse takes a bite of a cake so delicious it’s rumored to be bewitched, she falls in love with the first person she sees: Jeremy. In any other place, this would be a turn for the better for Jeremy, but not in Never Better, where the Finder of Occasions—whose identity and evil intentions nobody knows—is watching and waiting, waiting and watching. . . And as anyone familiar with the Brothers Grimm know, not all fairy tales have happy endings.             Veteran writer Tom McNeal has crafted a young adult novel at once grim(m) and hopeful, full of twists, and perfect for fans of contemporary fairy tales like Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and Holly Black's Doll Bones. The recipient of five starred reviews, Publishers Weekly called Far Far Away "inventive and deeply poignant."


Reviewed: 2019-06-13
Good book. Plot development took 90% of the book so the climax and resolution were rather uneven. However, the character development of the protagonist Jeremy Johnson Johnson drives the book and he is super adorable. Additionally, the way the author incorporates Grimm fairytales helped to keep me engaged in the downtime in the novel. Some of the backstory was unnecessary, but I was very interested in the story of his Father and hope that he ends up with the nice waitress. The ending of the story was a bit suprising because of the trajectory the book took did not seem to involve such a happy ending, but then poof, it did. I'm glad I read this book as it was different from what I normally read and will engage some of my students that are interested in the mystery that is Far Far Away.
Reviewed: 2016-11-25
Very suspenseful and great characters. I was reading in bed and ended up 3 hours later sitting up in bed so I could read faster.
Reviewed: 2016-02-14
This was a good book, though I'm still unsure how to feel about it. It's like it couldn't decide quite what it wanted to be, whether it wanted to be humorous, or dark, and it fell in this uncomfortable limbo. The characters were interesting, and the plot was as well, though it took quite a while to get where it wanted to go. A decent read.
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