Delta Wedding (A Harvest/Hbj Book)

Eudora Welty
A vivid and charming portrait of a large southern family, the Fairchilds, who live on a plantation in the Mississippi delta. The story, set in 1923, is exquisitely woven from the ordinary events of family life, centered around the visit of a young relative, Laura McRaven, and the family’s preparations for her cousin Dabney’s wedding.


Reviewed: 2015-07-15

I felt this title strayed from what I would normally expect from this author. The story itself was wonderful and extremely reminiscent of the south, but, I did not like the characters enough to care about them. Any distinction was lost in the chaos of family, with them all speaking at once while Laura's thoughts were interjected throughout. Story and character are separate entities, I loved one, disliked the other. I generally shy away from 'literature' and prefer modern fiction for its lack of formality of speech and philosophical flow. This book was filled to the brim. It's not the use of 'big words' that deter me from reading literature, it's the way small words are put together that make me reread certain passages to make sure I got the correct meaning, which takes me out of the story while doing so. Mediocre novel from a wonderful writer....

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