Burn Notice: The Fix

Tod Goldberg
Covert spy Michael Westen has found himself in forced seclusion in Miami?and a little paranoid. Watched by the FBI, cut off from intelligence contacts, and with his assets frozen, Weston is on ice with a warning: stay there or get ?disappeared.? Driven to find out who burned him and why, he?s biding his time helping people with nowhere else to turn. People like socialite Cricket O?Connor whose own husband has vanished, along with her fortune...


Reviewed: 2020-10-16

This wasn't a story for me. I feel like this type of scenario has been overdone in media and there wasn't anything about this story line that stood out to me to continue with it. I also didn't really like the characters other than one of the side characters. And even then it isn't enough for me to continue with the series. 

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