No Country for Old Men

Cormac McCarthy
In his blistering new novel, Cormac McCarthy returns to the Texas-Mexico border, setting of his famed Border Trilogy. The time is our own, when rustlers have given way to drug-runners and small towns have become free-fire zones. One day, a good old boy named Llewellyn Moss finds a pickup truck surrounded by a bodyguard of dead men. A load of heroin and two million dollars in cash are still in the back. When Moss takes the money, he sets off a chain reaction of catastrophic violence that not even the law–in the person of aging, disillusioned Sheriff Bell–can contain.As Moss tries to evade his pursuers–in particular a mysterious mastermind who flips coins for human lives–McCarthy simultaneously strips down the American crime novel and broadens its concerns to encompass themes as ancient as the Bible and as bloodily contemporary as this morning’s headlines. No Country for Old Men is a triumph.


Reviewed: 2021-08-01
Vintage International
Reviewed: 2018-11-10
Cormac McCarthy For Dummies. This could be either good or bad. Here, McCarthy makes very explicit themes he had treated more circumspectly elsewhere. If you are a fan of 'novels of ideas' and/or don't feel like working out a puzzle every time you read a novel, then you might like this. On the other hand, if you don't like being talked down to or have already read and absorbed these ideas presented more eloquently in other work, then you might want to skip this one. Me, I'm sort of stuck between the two insofar as I personally lean toward the second point but I appreciate the need for the first.
Reviewed: 2018-06-03
A decent book, even though I felt that it didn't live up to the overall rating on GR.
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