Amazon Girls Handbook

Becky Thacker
Think ladies' garden clubs. Think hiking clubs. Think bird watchers. Think competent women in sensible shoes. Think about the Amazon Girl oath, which says, "As an Amazon Girl I promise to always try to be out and proud, to be kind to the beasts, the children, the very old, to live the good life, and never sweat the small stuff." Becoming an Amazon Girl is a process. Novice Amazon Girls are known as Tomboys when they learn the oath, the ideals, and the motto: "We're prepared for a few things." When a Tomboy stomps up to Amazon Girl she will begin to earn badges and to select a path (Warrior or Mistress). Supremely dedicated Amazon Girls may aspire to the ranks of Matriarch or even Goddess. For the less organizationally inclined, the handbook supplies suggestions for activities to build character (or not!), organize outings, improve home life, think about spirituality, support community, learn new skills or have fun, inexpensively. Amazon Girls Handbook is a humorous self-help book and a guide for enhancing life. While the focus is on lesbians, everyone can benefit from its ideas and guidelines.


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