Infinite Sea: Book 2

Rick Yancey
For Cassie Sullivan and the rest of Earth’s remaining human survivors, the situation was already desperate when the 5th Wave hit. It’s about to get worse. No one yet knows the depths to which Earth’s conquerorsthe Otherswill sink in order to rid the Earth of the human infestation, nor have they guessed the heights to which the human spirit can reach. Characters introduced in Book One will come to the foreand others will face the ultimate test. Readers will watch in awe as the Others give their answer to Cassie’s defiance.   Praise for The 5th Wave   Just read it.”Entertainment Weekly   A modern sci-fi masterpiece.”USA Today   Wildly entertaining . . . I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.”Justin Cronin, The New York Times Book Review    Nothing short of amazing.”Kirkus Reviews (starred review)   Gripping!”Publishers Weekly (starred review)   Everyone I trust is telling me to read this book.”The Atlantic Wire


Reviewed: 2017-12-07
Initial Impressions 10/5/14: 4.5 stars
Well just like The 5th Wave (which I read in one afternoon, just as a reminder) I was totally sucked in to The Infinite Sea. Rick Yancey apparently just has a way of sucking me into these books!!
I really enjoyed the whole thing from cover to cover (though the longer section at the end actually felt just a bit slower for me) but lots of good moments and twists and plot.
Really enjoyable and quite a thrill. Loving what is going on with this series.

Full review posted HERE on The Book Addict's Guide 10/29/14: Last year when THE 5TH WAVE came out, I actually had no interest in an alien story but once I heard the buzz, I ran out to the store, picked up the book, and when I started reading, I couldn’t stop. I finished THE 5TH WAVE in one sitting and absolutely loved the book. I’ve been waiting a while for The Infinite Sea to come out and once again, Rick Yancey totally hooked me straight away. If I hadn’t had to stop for food and sleep and work, I could have easily tore through this book cover to cover like its predecessor!

What really hits me the most about these books are the characters and the action. In THE 5TH WAVE, the readers are introduced to the core set of characters and they make a sincere connection, all the while just as unsure as the characters what’s going on with this wave of invaders and how they can possibly survive. THE INFINITE SEA starts off with just a big of a bang and right away I was anxious how the opening scene would no doubt affect the entire rest of the book. The action kicks off in high gear right from the start and I really felt like it carried me through the book. I couldn’t stop turning pages and I was totally riveted.

Whereas we spent a lot of time with Cassie and Zombie in THE 5TH WAVE, THE INFINITE SEA opens up to a larger range of POVs from some of the secondary characters, now in the spotlight. Cassie, Zombie, Evan, and Sam are still very much main characters, but Rick Yancey allows us into the minds of people like Ringer (who is known to be antagonistic — and I always love being able to see inside of the mind of an opposing force) and even characters like Poundcake. I feel like there was a mixed reaction to the slight shift from Cassie and Evan’s perspectives but I really enjoyed how the new perspectives really added another layer to the overall story. The characters who were once secondary step forward and really show how much they have to offer and how much they might change the entire plot of the series so I thought it was really interesting to see how the focus started to spread further than just the initial core main characters. There are still the same POV shifts from section to section which I’ve seen some readers still struggle with a bit, but I didn’t feel like they jumped around too much. Sometimes it does take a few sentences before you’re able to pin down whose POV you’re reading , but that really wasn’t something that bothered me, personally!

Keeping true to book one, THE INFINITE SEA also has no shortages of twists, one particularly shocking one which of course, I will not divulge! I’m always impressed with the way everything sort of loops back around and all comes together. I absolutely love twists so some of the big bombs that were dropped in THE INFINTE SEA totally caught me by surprise! They really made me think and I almost feel like I need to go back to book one to see how these things are even possible! (Are they?) But there’s always book three to figure that out too, right?
Reviewed: 2017-01-08
This book was such a satisflying sequel. I lover it so much I couldn't wait to read the final book, which is The Last Star.
Reviewed: 2016-07-08
So, what did I think of The Infinite Sea?

I want to leave it at that, but Cannonball Read has some stupid word minimum for reviews.

Goddamn it. Anyway, a friend saw I was reading this and asked how I liked it. I said, “I’m about 2/3 of the way through and so far, nothing has happened to justify its existence.” She said, “High praise indeed.” But it’s true. The Infinite Sea fails to do what any competent sequel does, i.e. expand the universe and raise the stakes. Off the top of my head, here are some of the most egregious moments:

1) The title is meaningless. In The 5th Wave, “the infinite sea” was a crowd of child soldiers. In this book, it refers variably to snow, tears, unconsciousness, and blood. In the Harry Potter books, there were not multiple Sorcerer’s Stones scattered about willy-nilly. If you want to ascribe some importance to your book’s title, do not waste it on describing a field of wheat. (Which, by the way, happens in the prologue.)

2) Important characters like Ben and Sam have been reduced to cardboard cutouts in favor of Cassie, who is now the equivalent of nails on chalkboard. While I appreciated her will to survive and her morbid sense of humor in the first book, now she’s judgmental, self-righteous, catty, and possessive. Evan hasn’t changed much, which is to say he still has his annoying habits of speaking in enigmas and passing out whenever he’s asked a pressing question. Cassie and Evan’s infatuation with each other, which I was already puzzled by, is even more intense now. These two should just cake on some eyeliner and scribble emo song lyrics on each other’s skinny jeans.

3) Ooh, speaking of the lovebirds… I was wrong. There is no love triangle in this book. There is a fucking love hexagon.

4) A minor character dies in a way that just leaves me with this lasting bad taste in my mouth. To be clear, I’m not talking about the usual grief or shock. At least when J. K. Rowling killed off a character, she had some purpose behind it. This book has one of the most unconscionable, horrifying character deaths I have ever seen. The way this character was treated like a plot point throughout the book, and then the way their murder is framed as an act of love… No. Just, no. I can’t.

5) There is no new information as to why the aliens have taken over Earth and why they are using the waves. Their approach certainly raises doubts about their capacity for logic. Why do beings without physical forms need to occupy a planet? Why watch humans evolve over thousands of years when you can stamp them out right at the beginning? These questions are asked but are never answered, other than humans suggesting, well, maybe they just like to fuck with us. And you cannot propel your plot just by withholding information from your reader. It is frustrating beyond belief. I guess there is one revelation that could be considered a plot twist, if you stretch it, but to me it was just one more instance of the aliens’ sadistic mindfuckery.

So, I should end this rage-y review by saying something nice, namely what prevents me from rating this fucker one star. Number one, Poundcake. His backstory and the reason he never talks broke my heart. Number two, Ringer. She was the real badass of The 5th Wave and Rick Yancey should just hand over the rest of the series to her. She actually goes and gets shit done. Good for you book, I don’t entirely regret reading you!

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