Complete Book of Cartooning, The

John Adkins Richardson
Now, whether you've had any form training or not, this book offers ou step-by-step directions on how to do all types of cartoons and caricatures. In this practical guide, the author reveals the secrets of composition, characterization, and rendering used by professional cartoonists in such areas as single-panel gags, editorial cartoons, strips, comic books, greeting cards, and even animation. You'll learn what tools and techniques to use in drawing your cartoons, as well as how to prepare them for such printing processes as letterpress, halftone, and color. Including a section on how to get your work published, The Complete Book of Cartooning could be the first step to an interesting and rewarding career. he author, John Adkins Richardson, has been a sports cartooinist, a commercial illustrator, and a technical illustrator and has in recent years contributed to underground commix. Holder of a doctorate from Columbia University, he is the author of two previous books: "Modern Art and Scientific Thought" and "Art: The Way It Is". He is Professor of Art and Design at Southern Illinois University where he teaches art history and criticism, drawing, and cartooning.


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