Be the Boss of Your Sleep (Be The Boss Of Your Body®)

Timothy Culbert M.D., Rebecca Kajander C.P.N.P. M.P.H.
Be the Boss of Your Sleep speaks to kids ages 8 and up with this message: If sleep troubles are making you feel lousy, you can do things to get your body, mind, and spirit working together to get back to feeling your best. When you eat well and get enough exercise, think positively and believe you can help yourself, and feel hopeful and supported by loved ones, you will sleep better and feel more refreshed and energized by sleep. You’ll also get sick less often and recover quicker when you are sick or injured. A number of things can help you sleep better, such as a regular bed time, lots of exercise, eating healthy foods, and doing things to help you relax. In addition, learning these body boss skills will help you sleep better and take care of yourself: •    Belly breathing •    Positive self-talk •    Self suggestion •    Aromatherapy •    Acupressure •    Massage Kids will be happier and healthier when they are the boss of their bodies and can control how their bodies feel, even when they are having trouble sleeping. The self-care skills in this book do not replace health care professionals, but they do help kids learn what they can do to take care of themselves. They will learn to fall asleep faster, sleep better, and feel well-rested and energized to do better at school and in other activities. And kids can use what they learn in this book for the rest of their lives.


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