1 Minute Biographies and Activities

Linda Williams Aber
In this book students encounter forty-five women and men of courage and accomplishment. Students will learn about determination when they study the lives of Susan B. Anthony, Anne Franke, and Christa Mcaulifee. They will see courage in action when they read about Gandhi, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King, Jr, and Mother Teresa. The burning desire for knowledge will come alive in the profiles of Galileo, Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Jane Goodall. The arts will have new meaning when student encounter Mozart, Mark Twain, Diego Rivera, and Everly Cisneros. The lives of Babe Ruth, Arthur Ashe, and Chris Evert will teach student the true meaning of good sportsmanship. 1 Minute Biographies and Activities makes it easy for your students to relate to these remarkable individuals by following them from their youth through adulthood. This is an inspiring collection that will become one of the most treasured resources in your classroom.


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