African Americans in Science, Math, and Invention (A to Z of African Americans)

Ray Spangenburg, Kit Moser, Steven Otfinoski
The astronauts, physicists, chemists, biologists, agriculture specialists, and others who have dedicated their lives to improving humankind's knowledge and understanding of the universe through science, math, and invention are profiled in this volume in the new A to Z of African Americans series. In research labs, university classrooms, NASA training facilities, and the administrative boardrooms of major institutions African Americans have been important innovators, from early times to the present day. Each enlightening entry provides an exciting biographical profile, surveying Significant events in that person's life related to his or her accomplishments in science, math, or invention, followed by an up-to-date further reading list on that individual. A general introduction presents an overview of African American contributions to science, math, and invention; subject indexes list individuals by date of birth and by fields of activity; and a general bibliography lists resources relevant to the topic. With easy-to-access information, for general readers and students alike, this book offers fascinating insight into the lives of many important African Americans.


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