Butcher's Bill, The

David Drake
Tanks don't fight without crews. The men and women who crew Colonel Hammers tanks are the best in the human universe -- and they re ready to prove it for anybody who can afford to hire them by: -- Facing an enemy whose soldiers can't be found but whose civilians can.-- Route marching through unexplored -- and increasingly hostile -- jungle.-- Trying to live after the shooting has stopped, when peace is beyond the imagination of those to whom war has been life.A gun doesn't care who it kills -- and neither do the shooters when the only way to survive is to hit hard, hit fast, and keep on hitting until nothing moves in the target zone. Afterwards, the shooters -- even the hardest, most ruthless veterans among them -- may care a lot about what they've done.And what they'll go on doing, in battle after battle, because that's what they're paid to do.


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