Akata Witch

Nnedi Okorafor


Reviewed: 2019-07-24
This is good fantasy for older kids with great characters, modern sensibility, and original magic. It's one of the more refreshing takes on fantasy I've read in a while, and I'm absolutely fine with a Chosen One when that character is Sunny. I found that the ending came a little fast, but I always find that with the climax scenes of Big Bad Villain books. I suppose it's on account of the fact that I'm more drawn to the magic-architecture and world-building, and would've been content with The Gang just exploring Leopard Knocks for another hundred pages.

This book was also my counterweight. Something young, fun, modern, quick, and relevant. Life's a balance and so's reading and I hate to be thought of as pretentious so reading something like Akata Witch makes me feel less like I'm the Worst Type of Person for concurrently reading Proust's In Search of Lost Time.
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