Firefighters to the Rescue

Kersten Hamilton
First you hear the siren, then you see the lights. Soon, a red blur zooms by— it’s a truck of firefighters to the rescue! From practical jokes in the firehouse to legendary bravery, every detail of a firefighter’s life is fascinating. This picture book’s simple rousing text and playful illustrations allow even the youngest firefighter fans to follow their heroes through an ordinary day of cooking, laughing, putting out a fire and rescuing a beloved pet.


Reviewed: 2020-12-01
Droll illustrations depicting a richly-colored, 1950s world will keep readers turning the pages of this fast paced tale. A company of firefighters (all male, but representing various cultures) race into action when the fire bell goes off. They dress, roar out of the station, and steam through town to put out a house fire and rescue the family dog. The illustrations bustle with activity, not only of the firefighters, but of the townspeople as they shop, walk their dogs, and, of course, gather where the firefighters stage their valiant battle. Told in rhythmic text that unfortunately at times loses its beat, the refrain FIREFIGHTERS TO THE RESCUE is one that children will quickly adopt as the story clips along to its satisfying ending. A happy addition to that community helpers unit.
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