Teaching for Moral Growth: A Guide for the Christian Community Teachers, Parents, and Pastors

Bonidell Clouse, Bonnidell Clouse
Strategies for Teaching for Moral Growth in the Home, School, and Church "Bonnidell Clouse has done a superb Job of integrating psychological understandings of moral development with biblical and theological foundations. She shows how various approaches can be used by teachers, parents, and pastors to help others grow in moral understanding and moral behavior. In an age where morality continues to decline, this is an important and helpful book for both professionals and laypersons alike. I heartily recommend it" Perry G. Downs, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School "Hats off to Bonnidell Clouse for providing a helpful resource on moral development, a topic that has been frequently overlooked in the Christian literature. The success of this book will be due in part to the author's ability to write in language appreciated by an informed reader without sacrificing research-driven scholarship." Peter C. Hill, Journal of Psychology and Christianity "Moral education should be a vital concern for all Christians in this postmodern society. Bonnidell Clouse clearly understands how historical and contemporary approaches view the process of developing character. She is at her best when she appropriates key psychological insights from a theologically informed perspective. This effort has the potential to make a significant impact on the contemporary church and the next generation of Christian leaders." Richard E. Butman, Wheaton College Bonnidell Clouse (Ph.D., Indiana University), Professor of Educational and School Psychology at Indiana State University, is widely respected for her journal contributions to the areas of moral education and development.


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