Trail Guide to the Body DVD Set

Mastering palpation requires practice - and having someone guide you through it makes practice more effective. The newly revised Trail Guide to the Body DVD, released in September 2010 gives students and practitioners the confidence they need to master this fundamental skill so that they can succeed and thrive in their careers. For Instructors, this is a valuable tool that allows your students to preview and review lessons. 24 more muscles (79 in total) have been added to the footage, along with more than 200 illustration overlays of images from the textbook. Overview: A visual and kinesthetic guide, this near 3-hour, one-disc DVD features: Palpation of 79 essential muscles featured in the Trail Guide to the Body textbook, Overlaid images from the Trail Guide textbook, which help the viewer visualize underlying anatomy, Presentation of bony landmarks, attachment sites, muscle borders and muscle activation, A DVD format that enables quick navigation to particular muscle groups, freezing of images and viewing in slow motion, Multiple body types and camera angles presented. In a continuing effort to lesson the impact on the environment, the DVD cover is made from 70-80% recycled material. Your guide on this DVD is Andrew Biel, founder of Books of Discovery. Format DVD, Region 0 - Plays Worldwide, Length ~ 3 hours, ISBN # 978-0-9826634-2-4.


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