Eyes and Ears of Love, The

Danielle C.R. Smith
When twenty one year-old Bentley Menichelli loses his sister to cancer, he can’t find anything to live for. Across the country, eighteen year-old Dorothy Monroe’s family is falling apart after the death of her father – just as Dorothy is prepping to move for her first year of college. When college starts, Bentley is charged with vandalism and serves as a university night janitor. It’s on one of his night shifts that he lays eyes on Dorothy, cooking after hours. He peeks in at her nightly, falling in love with her as she cooks. The night he thinks he’ll finally meet her; a drunk driving tragedy turns their community upside down. It is a full year later that they meet again. Dorothy is blinded by the accident, and Bentley is hard at work with his startup facility for the deaf and blind. They’re brought together once more, ultimately consummating their romance as Dorothy overcomes a debilitating depression and learns to see with her other senses. Bentley and Dorothy, two people both entwined with tragedy. Yet their poignancy will intersect with creation’s most treasurable values, reminding us all that even the most difficult cards dealt in life can yield sensational journeys: beyond pessimism, beyond demise, to the inner power of love and forgiveness.


Reviewed: 2015-09-17
This was a very quick read. The emotions were felt from all angles. I loved the setup the author did. We got to know both characters backgrounds before the even came tougher. I was surprised by the bombshell but it really liked it for the story. Overall it was a good story.
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