Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi, Volume 2: Bond (Episodes 5-8)

Masami Shimoda
All is well at the Sakruaba mansion as summer approaches. Kaoru is talked into going on a date with Mayu, who’s nervousness makes for a hilarious time! At school, however, Kaoru is in a bind! He must finish his report if he wants a summer vacation. This gives all of the other members of the household an opportunity to spoil him with treats and a celebration when he completes his report. The whole gang decides to go on vacation together, which is a perfect chance for a road trip. When they arrive, who should they bump into but Mayu, on vacation with her family. While there, everyone participate in lots of swimming and frolicking . . . what could be better? Special Limited Edition come with: Collector's Box that holds all three volumes and "Aoi" mini figure.


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