Better Country: Preparing for Heaven, A

Dan Schaeffer
God never meant heaven to be a vague hope, but the passion and purpose of your present life. He wants to prepare you for the better country! In these pages you will discover the thing you've always wanted; the world you've longed for; the life you were meant to live; the goal you were meant to pursue. ""One of the most important reasons for writing this book, to me, was to help Christians who have bought into the 'you only go around once' idea that this life is our only chance to accomplish anything significant,"" author Dan Schaeffer explains. You'll explore topics such as: misconceptions about heaven, what the new heavens and new earth will be like, what happens when you die, what life in heaven will be like, and how to prepare for your future in heaven. Many Christians view this life as their only chance to fulfill their ambitions, to be ""all they can be."" A healthy understanding of what the Bible teaches about heaven enables you to let go of many earthly ambitions and the regrets that often accompany them.


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