Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Revised Edition: The Way to Physical Perfection, The

Villepigue, James
THE WAY TO PHYSICAL PERFECTIONIt’s body sculpting at its best–the best exercises, the best nutrition plan, and the best training schedule out there, anywhere.The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Revised Edition is now bigger and better than ever! Now with updated and revised material, it contains all the original detailed exercises that made it a bestselling phenomenon, plus:• a thoroughly revised diet and nutrition section, including recipes for healthy desserts• three new advanced workouts focusing on losing body fat, toning, and shaping• dozens of new exercises and variations to target trouble spots and build lean muscle• a 30-minute instructional DVD to show exactly the right form for maximum resultsThis comprehensive guide includes not only exercises but also nutritional tips, psychological tricks, meal charts, workout graphs, different fitness plans, the inside scoop on supplements and vitamins, advice on keeping fit while traveling, and fitness information for teens, seniors, and expectant mothers.The 14-Day Body Sculpting Workout for Women has been custom-designed by experts to sculpt, slim, and strengthen the unique contours of a woman’s body. The workout never stays the same for long and the results–toned arms, flat abs, tight buns, lean legs, and curves in all the right places–just keep on coming.With no diet pills, gimmicks, or gadgets, The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, Revised Edition is the gold standard for body sculpting, and the essential guide to getting you the body of your dreams.Visit us online at


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