Preach: Theology Meets Practice

Mark Dever, Greg Gilbert
Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, and president of 9Marks, is widely respected for his efforts to build biblically faithful churches in America that will impact the nations. In this book about one of the practical distinctives of that work, Dever and his former student Greg Gilbert offer a theological and practical guide emphasizing the centrality of expositional preaching -- sermons intentionally rooted in a specific Bible text.Dever and Gilbert clearly explain how God exercises His divine power through the Word, making it the basis of any relationship we have with Him. Thus, preaching directly from Scripture should be at the center of church life. Toward that goal, the authors give practical advice on how pastors can decide what texts to preach on, how to prepare and outline their sermons, and how to deliver and review those presentations.Pastors will especially appreciate the book’s final section: transcripts of past sermons from Dever and Gilbert augmented by insightful conversations between them about how each sermon was planned and whether or not is was effectively implemented.


Reviewed: 2018-10-10
Some parts were solid. The importance of preaching, the necessity of exposition were the highlights. This book, like so many preaching books, isn't written for most pastors and church situations. Many of the tips and suggestions would not be applicable unless you have a very large church and only preach once a week.

The third section, both authors are reviewing each others sermons. Would have made a great podcast - in my opinion, it didn't work as a chapter in a book.
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