25 of the Best Parenting Techniques Ever: Learn To Effectively Handle Difficult Situations And Raise A Happy, Well-Adjusted Child

Meg F. Schneider
Stop the nagging and learn to really communicate with your child.We all want to be appreciated and understood, and that goes for children too. Using that critical concept as a starting point, Meg Schneider shows you how to build a strong relationship with your child, based on love and respect. Discover techniques to:* Win an argument in a way that lets your child feel like a winner* Inspire him to live up to his responsibilities* Encourage honesty and openness* Avoid humiliating her by saying the wrong thing* Offer effective comfort when she is sad or experiences a loss* Curb misbehavior* Promote sibling harmony* Build self-esteem* Set liveable limits for yourself and your child* Model your own behavior-- the most effective parenting tool there isThrough the insightful exploration of both the apparent problem and the deeper issues at stake, you will learn why a particular technique works so well for both parent and child. Three age-appropriate scenarios will follow each technique, putting the principles learned into practice, and offering well-illustrated solutions for almost any parenting dilemma. You will feel both enlightened and empowered by your ability to understand and take loving and constructive action.


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