147 Practical Tips For Teaching Diversity

William M. Timpson, Raymond Yang, Evelinn Borrayo, Silvia Sara Canetto
Diversity is vitally important to today's classroom, but many college teachers remain uncertain as to how to handle this sensitive subject. Compiled from the real-life experiences of over a dozen professors and experts, 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity tackles this question head on. Taking you from the classroom to the committee meeting to the community at large, this book offers hands-on advice for improving diversity discussions all through the semester. Some of what you'll find inside: Safe space: How to create a safe and welcoming learning environment Prejudice: How both you and your students can work together to unlearn stereotypes Challenges: How to address taboo subjects and handle conflicts preemptively Curriculum: How to broaden the subject matter and address current events Community: How to deepen your institution's commitment to diversity Whatever your past experiences with teaching diversity, this book is sure to help both you and your students expand your thinking and understanding, both inside and outside of the classroom.


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