Faith Lessons on the Early Church Participant's Guide (Books - 4 & DVD - 1 SET)

Ray Vander Laan
Discover how the early Christian church, on fire with the message of Jesus, literally changed the world! The Faith Lessons Groupware takes your small group on a round trip to ancient times, places, and customs, and back again. This lively, interactive journey is more than fascinating--it's faith-inspiring and life-changing. This valuable Participant's Guide carefully and plainly helps you turn the lessons you learn from the past into real-life applications that impact the way you live your faith. You'll find space for note-taking, topics for discussion, and questions for reflection, as well as maps, photos, sidebars, and other study tools to help you better grasp each faith lesson. You'll also find Action Points for translating each lesson into practical ways to make a unique, important difference in the world around you. The carefully organized format makes it easy for you to gain tremendous benefits from the following sessions: 1. Caesarea Philippi--Everything to Lose, Nothing to Gain 2. Sardis--The Salt of the Earth 3. Pergamum--Where Satan Lives 4. Ephesus--The Mark of the Beast 5. Laodicea--Hot or Cold


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