Rock Steady: A Story of Noah's Ark

Throughout his musical career with the Police and as a phenomenal solo artist, Sting has commanded the world's attention as an innovator with enormous appeal.Now this multiple-Grammy-winning icon channels his considerable talents in a fresh, new direction with this sharp re-telling of one of the most beloved stories in history.Rock Steady is a modern spin on the tale of Noah's Ark. Sting has adapted the lyrics of his own song, and his unique poetry colors this classic story with the concerns of the new millennium. A timeless legend, the parable of Noah's Ark takes on a new significance in the light of Sting's creative genius. Rock Steady reminds us that human beings are blessed, and that we must protect the earth that has given us life.Proceeds from Rock Steady will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving the Brazilian rainforests and the cultures that thrive there.


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