6th target, The

James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
The next thrilling novel in the Women's Murder Club series. After a dramatic shoot out at a ferry dock, Detective Lindsay Boxer is called to the scene to find that three people have been killed, and one of her closest friends, Claire, has been shot and lies bleeding, whilst the murderer is on the run. Lindsay promises Claire that she'll hunt down this killer and bring him to justice, but sadly, it doesn't prove to be so straightforward. A man comes forward claiming to be the ferry murderer and Yuki Castellano, one of the Women's Murder Club, prepares to set out the charges against him. But it's not all over, a child has been abducted and is still missing. To increase the mystery and confusion, there are a series of suspicious and unexplained deaths in the building where Cindy lives - another member of the Women's Murder Club is in danger. Lindsay discovers yet more abducted children, and the hunt begins in earnest to find the children.


Reviewed: 2016-05-31

This was a quick, easy read but it certainly didn't rank as my favourite James Patterson book. The typical Patterson action and excitement were missing and there were three distinct stories happening with very tenuous links between them, which spoilt the book. Instead it felt as though I was reading three short stories and I'm not a huge fan of that genre.

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