Diaboliad and Other Stories

Mikhail Bulgakov
The only translation of Bulgakov's entire first collection of short stories, works which range from the surreal to science-fiction to parody. Contents: Diaboliad, The Fatal Eggs, "No. 13, the Elpit-Rabkommun Building," "A Chinese Tale," and "The Adventures of Chichikov."


Reviewed: 2015-10-17
Not as good as The Master and Margarita, but then... it would probably be surprising if it was. Appropriately enough I read Diaboliad (the first story) while waiting in a 60s socially equipped dentist surgery (in 2009, not to be mistaken) and it seemed the perfect ambience for that story. Diaboliad is also my favourite story in the book, for some of the others truly seem a tad mediocre, even though The adventures of Chichikov isalso a good one as it has a lot of references to Gogol, and I always like stories that link other stories in it.
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