El Calentito

Chus GutiƩrrez
Sara, still a virgin, stumbles her way to the underground nightclub El Calentito, owned by a sassy transsexual. The venue plays host to some of the hottest up-and-coming musical groups including Las Sioux, an all-girl rock band fronted by Joan Jett look-a-like Carmen, who happens to be a lesbian, and Leo, who is always in some state of undress so her breasts can run free. In the politically conservative climate of the Franco regime, the club has become a safe haven for all forms of sexual expression: gay, bisexual and try-anything sexual. Sara gets invited to perform with Las Sioux and, on the night of her scheduled debut, February 23, 1981, an uprising occurs causing the government to collapse and a thrilling night of wild, uninhibited celebrations explodes, leaving the country of Spain in a tizzy. Set during the birth of the La Movida movement in Spain from which directors like Almodóvar and music groups like Fangoria found artistic inspiration, El Calentito is a raucous, high energy comedy that is out, loud and in your face. An effervescent roller coaster ride that will definitely be nostalgic for some and influence a new generation of queers to take to the stage and kick butt. Special Features: Music video; Picture gallery; Original trailer.


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