Career of Evil

Robert Galbraith


Reviewed: 2018-12-25
The last time I stayed up this late to finish a book was one of Harry Potter's series. I have J.K. Rowling to thank for this wonderful ritual. You do not know how it feels until you've tried it: obtain book, read until book is done, do nothing else in between. It profoundly changes your reading experience, a book's impact on you is directly proportional to the amount of focus you can afford it. Read it with all the attention you can muster, read it the way books are intended to be read: word by word and with care.

For those of you looking for a reason to read this book, here's a brief review.

I think the mystery genre is perhaps one of the largest genre, in terms of quantity and scope. It seems most novels, even sci-fi, fantasy, romance, has to have some element of mystery. The Cormoran Strike novels have been strictly within the genre, it hasn't been gimmicky. But here's the thing about these books, they really make you take a good hard look at everyone. And then at yourself. This is mystery as mystery has (likely) never been written before, the focus shines unflinchingly on humanity and the lack thereof.

Can't wait for the next book.

Rowling is really a master with these things. The subtlety at which she sets up Robin's drunk revelation. How Cormoran, just a few chapters prior, when told Donnie Laing had raped a girl, immediately thought what a nice lunch he was having. And as a reader, I felt the stab then. The revelation came and I understood why she wrote it that way. Because this is how the world works. You tell someone that a man has been accused of rape and they don't even blink, you can be the fucking president while being accused of rape. This is how the world works. We should all be more like Robin, we should really not be that easily turned away from inconvenient suffering.

Ok, I wasn't going to write this rant, but I've scrolled through some top reviews, and it feels like it's Casual Vacancy all over again.

People are calling this book misogynistic. I remember how everyone thought Casual Vacancy was vulgar. Folks, the world that Rowling writes about in Casual Vacancy and Career of Evil is our world. In our very own societies, these things are happening. I'm sorry if it offends your sensibilities but I can't understand how anyone, when reading about these characters and what they go through, chooses to focus on swear words. And then using that as a reason to be unreceptive of everything else. It's the pettiest thing to care about when the characters are living through abuse, abuse that we all know is happening in our societies. I don't think it's fair to write off this book as misogynistic. It depicts how women are treated in modern day society, this IS how women live today. Let's not pretend we live in an enlightened utopia, let's not pretend the only way to achieve a utopia is to pretend suffering doesn't exist. It's not misogynistic to be honest about these things, it's not misogynistic to write about misogyny or misogynistic characters. It's a serial killer drama where the serial killer targets women, for fuck's sake, it would be dishonest to present it as anything other than misogyny.
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