Dirty Little Secrets

Helena Stephenson
Often children with mental or neurological disabilities are forgotten about in our society. Most people think "disability" they think of a wheelchair. But what if I told you kids even in wheelchairs go through the same kind of abuse I am going to tell you of? That they too have been duct taped in chairs and tied to tables and screamed at, lifted up out of their chairs and left on the floor of concrete closets to lay in their own feces and urination? What if I said teachers were responsible? You would feel horrible I am guessing. But why not have the same feelings when a child with a mental illness and or neurological disability goes through the same treatment on a daily basis? The emotional and psychological damage is the same. The GAO reported that in one academic year in California and Texas, 33,000 cases of abuse and restraint were reported, 20 of these resulting in death. The issue of seclusion and restraint in schools is widespread across the nation, yet unknown to many parents. It is critical for parents of children with learning disabilities to be aware of this alarming practice, because the cases that are most often seen involve children with disabilities.This book contains the stories of children that have experienced these practices


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