1 Kings 1-11: The rise and fall of King Solomon

James Hughes
He was a king who rose to dizzying heights. An empire renowned wisdom breathtaking buildings incredible wealth Solomon had it all. And under him, Gods chosen people Israel enjoyed a golden age.But he was also a king who fell ruinously. His reputation became tarnished his kingdom was divided his achievements did not last. Solomon's life and rule are a fascinating study of wealth and powerand their corrupting influence.But his rule is not primarily a morality tale. Solomon's reign, and the blessings Gods people enjoyed under him, point us to a greater king, who will never fall. The king and his kingdom turn out to be just a shadow of the reality that is to come in Christ. Its rise shows us how wonderful it is when Gods people live in Gods land under Gods king. Its fall reminds us that the best is yet to come.The eight studies in this Good Book Guide will help ordinary Christians get to grips with the first eleven chapters of 1 Kings. They will encourage and challenge you as you seek to live as Gods people today. And they will excite you as you look forward to the eternal glory of living under great Solomons greater SonJesus Christ.


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