Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael, A

Elisabeth Elliot
A compelling biogrpahy telling the unforgettable story of an Irish missionary who demonstrated a depth of faith and commitment to Christ.


Reviewed: 2020-12-22

Elliot wrote a dense and detailed bio of Carmichael in “A Chance to Die”. This was no easy read and took time and dedication to wade through. I am not sure if it’s Elliot’s sophisticated style of writing or that she is purposely ambiguous at certain points of the story, but many times I would become lost as to what she was trying to convey. For example, when telling of disagreements in the ministry, I couldn’t tell who was in the wrong. Perhaps, she intended it to be that way.
Amy certainly displayed a rigorous tenacity in her mission work. She was a woman of no nonsense with a complete lack of sentimentality. To her, there was a job to be done for the Master, and no difficulty, no discomfort, no grueling work would deter her from completing it. There was no room for hesitancy or distraction.
Amy Carmichael is a woman to be commended and admired. Although it seems she appeared to be rough and stern, the unquestionable loyalty of the people at the mission proves that she was a woman of great love.

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