Brandon Colker's How to Make Big Bucks from Big Blogs

Brandon Colker
Brandon Colker looks back on how he began in internet marketing and explores many topics. Table of Contents: An Introduction to Passive Income Through Blogging Outlining the Appropriate Use of Branding and Self- Promotion Identifying a Central Subject or Concept Establishing Trust Through Expertise Understanding the Importance of Consistency, Clarity and Quality Building the Blog and Attracting an Audience Passive Income Explained When and How to Monetize (Passively!) Expanding Reach Through Additional Mediums Leveraging Expert Status to Generate Added Opportunities Throughout the course of his blogging career, Brandon Colker has made money and lost money, in this book, he'll explain how to avoid the latter. In chapter 2 Colker explains what it means to be self-promoting and how you are a brand. Many people don't realize that their name is their brand and that brand has a voice, your voice! Chapters 7-10 talk about what everyone wants to know, how do I turn my passion into dollars. This will be fleshed out with different opportunities as well as examples. Passive income, when and how to monetize your blog, expanding your income and reach because of your brand, leveraging your expert status to create additional opportunities and more are all covered in this easy to read book!


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