No Strings Attached: The Inside Story of Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Matt Bacon
Who doesn't want to know how Babe, that incredible talking sheep-corralling pig, works? Or how metal and latex foam are sculpted and molded to create realistic skin -- a human's, a dragon's, a gorilla's? And exactly how did a wisecracking frog named Kermit spawn a slew of monsters? No Strings Attached takes readers behind the scenes at Jim Henson's incredible animatronics factory, with secrets revealed firsthand, fully illustrated in gorgeous color. The people who imagine, design, construct, and operate those wonderful film characters, from Babe the pig to the puppies in 101 Dalmatians to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, explain step by step how artistry and technology combine to take your breath away onscreen. This is a book to delight the entire family, for movie-goers and film buffs alike. It slow us how the movie magic we love is incredibly accomplished.


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