God: A Biography

Jack Miles
What sort of "person" is God? Is it possible to approach him not as an object of religious reverence, but as the protagonist of the world's greatest book--as a character who possesses all the depths, contradictions, and abiguities of a Hamlet? In this "brilliant, audacious book" (Chicago Tribune), a former Jesuit marshalls a vast array of learning and knowledge of the Hebrew Bible to illuminate God--and man--with a sense of discovery and wonder.


Reviewed: 2019-05-17
Over all I found this book fascinating, and well worth the read. Though-provoking and reasonable.

(from journal comment made in 2010...)
Ok, I have decided that what I recalled as Jack Miles (in God: A Biography -thanks to Betty for lending me the book on tape back in 1999) claiming a Masoretic change to the text of Job 42:5 must have been simply an alternative reading, not a change, nor even an alternate translation.

I searched and asked several of our Torah Trop leyning 'experts' who found nothing either, but I'd love to see Miles' sources...
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22 February, 12016 HE
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