Making Two Halves a Whole: Studies for Parents in Blended Families

Lonni Collins Pratt
Making Two Halves a Whole: Studies for Parents in Blended FamiliesWe all want to strengthen family life. And yet we are aware of the trends and #151;today's families are experiencing increased stress. Families are being torn apart by divorce or violence, blending into new families, spending less time together, and experiencing increased pressures as both spouses work.Parents in blended families have already experience many of these stresses. Like all parents, they want happy, stable homes. Today, more than ever, parents need help facing the challenges of contemporary family life and #151;especially when they are Making Two Halves a Whole.Sound biblical teaching and the chance to interact with other adults in the same situation make a great combination for strengthening family life.Making Two Halves a Whole is designed for parents in blended families. It will help these parents gain insight on . . . Developing realistic expectations Placing priority on the marriage relationship Dealing with the past Understanding and handling conflict Building trust and new family traditions Growing together spirituallyLike all Family Growth Elective courses, Making Two Halves a Whole is written for today's families. This self-contained leader's guide provides 13 complete Bible-bases sessions on practical, family-related topics. Every session includes reproducible handouts for group members and step-by-step plans for the leader. Use this course with adult classes, small groups, midweek meetings, or retreats.


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