I Got the Rhythm

Connie Schofield-Morrison
On a simple trip to the park, the joy of music overtakes a mother and daughter. The little girl hears a rhythm coming from the world around her- from butterflies, to street performers, to ice cream sellers everything is musical! She sniffs, snaps, and shakes her way into the heart of the beat, finally busting out in an impromptu dance, which all the kids join in on! Award-winning illustrator Frank Morrison and Connie Schofield-Morrison, capture the beat of the street, to create a rollicking read that will get any kid in the mood to boogie.


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#igottherhythm I love how the little girl explores her environment to find the rhythm with things around her and her body
#igottherhythm this book promotes the acceptance of all the people regardless of the color. I like when she breaks out in a dance
#igottherhythm I choose this book because it shows how the mother and daughter use the things around to make music. Music create rhythm.
#igottherhythm The children will love this because it was talking about moving your body.
#igottherhythm I love how the book tells you the ways that you can get the Rhythm. For example you can see it. It's a nice kids book.