Isaac Hooke
The future of warfare has a name: ATLAS.Three times the height of an ordinary man and ten times wider, the ATLAS mech represents the peak of combat engineering. Rade Galaal will become a one-man army…if he can survive the training.The MOTHs: elite warriors, products of the most arduous military training known to man. Only the MOTHs can master the devastating, atomic-powered battle suits dubbed ATLAS, massive weapons-laden mechs that constitute an unstoppable ground force when piloted by the consummate soldiers of the MOTH teams. Can Rade make the grade, ascending from raw recruit to ATLAS war machine?Careful what you wish for: when Special Warfare Command sets a mission beyond the limits of explored space, all of the conditioning, sacrifice, and hard-won skill—and the awesome might of the ATLAS technology—may not be enough to confront the unforeseen horrors found there. Rade’s dream of military glory might just turn out to be the ultimate nightmare.Revised edition: This edition of ATLAS includes editorial revisions.


Reviewed: 2016-07-12

The first book of the ATLAS Series, finds Rade Galaal  trying to better his life by sneaking across the UC border, hopefully getting caught, and forced into the UC military. When the goals are that low, you can imagine how easy they are to achieve. His next goal, to join the Spec Ops MOTH teams, was nearly an impossible dream, and could end up costing him his chance at UC citizenship. Once a member of the teams, even Rade’s wildest fantasies couldn’t think of how far his new career would take him.

Isaac Hooke doesn’t create anything overly new or unique for the series. It is Military Science Fiction in the format of Starship Troopers, or the Battletech Series. It is straight mech suit combat similar to all the others that you have read, and the alien species isn’t any source of new material either.


It is tough to give it a recommendation when there are so many others out there like it, best to say that you won’t be disappointed with the read, and check out a few of the others while you are out there looking. Check out Michael Stackpole’s Battletech or X-Wing Rogue Squadron, Marko Kloos’s Frontline’s Series, and Timothy Zahn’s Cobra Series while you are out there piling books on your TBR pile.

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