Accidental Woman, An

Barbara Delinsky
An unforgettable story that explores the ways in which we limit our own chances of happiness - and the accidents of fate that can set us free. Heather Malone has made her home in Lake Henry, New England, for the last fourteen years. Known for her kind, gentle nature, she lives with Micah Smith, a widower, and his two young daughters. When she is suddenly arrested by the FBI and charged with a murder in California some years back, the locals are bewildered. Poppy Blake is Heather's closest friend. Since a snowmobile accident confined her to a wheelchair, she has worked hard to rebuild her life. However, it is her guilt over past mistakes, more than her present disability, which is holding her back. Attracted to Poppy, writer Griffin Hughes is drawn back to Lake Henry and inadvertently provides the thread that leads the law to Heather. To redeem himself, he is compelled to solve the mystery of Heather's past. Along the way, he becomes key to freeing Poppy from her own past and helping her see the possibilities of a richer future. Barbara Delinsky has written a tightly knit and compelling story that explores the consequences of denial and regret and celebrates the values of community, friendship, and ultimately the redemptive power of love.


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