How do you perceive the world? Is it cold and harsh? A place where we each live and act in isolation? Or do you look around in amazement, because you can see evidence of God's power and presence-not just in creation, but in our daily lives. Yes, God is at work in the world today. Fifteen years ago, that was the message of the Christian classic Experiencing God. And today it's just as true as ever. Only now, with Reality, your church has an opportunity to explore and understand the 7 key truths from�Experiencing God�in a whole new way. This completely new interactive study with devotions will bring your members together-uniting both their minds and hearts through common study. In the process, it will strengthen their relationships with other believers and, ultimately, with God. Because only when you are fully aware of God's presence, can you can know and do His will. That's Reality. Designed to help pastors and leaders to reach their churches with a strong overview of the Reality message. Kit contains one DVD, one member book, and a copy of the special 15th anniversary edition hardcover book. Also includes a CD-ROM with an administrative guide, plus worship, sermon, and promotional helps. Media Samples: Henry Blackaby on God's Will Sample Video Sample Pages PDF Administrative Guide Link


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