Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

Theresa Kyle MSN CPNP, Susan Carman MSN MBA
Kyle/2E promotes confidence in pediatric nursing by growing and developing students’ understanding of child and family care. Building on foundational concepts of adult nursing, students learn techniques of atraumatic care and patient teaching, and methods of communicating with children and their families. An emphasis is placed on defining the differences between adult care and pediatric care to increase the student’s level of comfort with this specific patient type.Many features to enhance student understanding of pediatric nursing including: Clear organization to encourage students to build on foundational nursing knowledge Unique design to appeal to multiple learning styles NEW! Atraumatic Care Highlights throughout and a complete chapter on atraumatic care assist students in reducing patient and family stress in the healthcare setting NEW! Evidence-Based Practice boxes show current research to support pediatric nursing topics, giving students real-world evidence to assist in understanding NEW! Thinking About Development features encourage students to think critically about special developmental concerns relating to the topic being discussed. NEW! Healthy People 2020 objectives have been included to provide current industry information Integrated Case Studies are threaded throughout chapters with real-life scenarios that present relevant child and family information that is intended to perfect the student’s caregiving skills Comparison Charts compare two or more disorders or other easily confused concepts, to provide explanations and clarification for students Nursing Care Plans provide concrete examples of each step of the nursing process Step-by-Step Procedures provide a clear explanation of pediatric variations to facilitate competent performance


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