Grandpa Is There a Heaven?

Katherine Bohlmann, David Erickson
New Book Helps Children Look Heavenward Help children develop a biblical understanding of death, heaven, and angels. Children ages 4 to 7 ask a lot of questions, especially about things they cannot see, touch, or feel. When questions about heaven, death, and angels come up, parents and teachers can turn to this book to help give children age-appropriate and Bible-based answers. Full of important questions and answers, Grandpa, Is There a Heaven? explains the compassion and beauty of Gods plan for His people through Jesus, and how the Bible tells us its true. Featuring easy-to-read poetry and beautiful illustrations, this Scripture-based book helps answer childrens difficult questions about the death of loved ones, the death of Jesus, and the life He is preparing for us in heaven. Author Katherine Bohlmann has always loved telling stories to children. Grandpa, Is There a Heaven? is her first book. She is a homemaker and lives with her husband and four sons. Illustrator David Erickson also illustrated the childrens book, Finding Grace. As a freelance illustrator, he has created work for Zelos, Real Time, and Decision magazines as well as other Christian publishers. Ericksons use of complementary color and striking perspective are reminiscent of the Brandywine art style.


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