Back to the Front: An Accidental Historian Walks the Trenches of World War I

Stephen O'shea
World War I has left as deep a scar on the imaginative landscape of our century as ithas on the land where it was fought. Nowhere is that more evident than on theWestern Front, a narrow swath of land in which millions of lives were lost. Believingthat "history is too important to be left to the professionals," journalist StephenO'Shea set out to walk the 450 miles through no-man's-land to discover for his generationthe meaning of the war. As his walk progresses, O'Shea recreates the shocking battles of the Western Front, and offers an impassioned perspective on the war, thestate of the land, and the cultivation of memory. An evocative fusion of past and present, BACKT TO THE FRONT will resonate, for all who read it, as few other books on war ever have.


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