AFCA's Defensive Football Drills

American Football Coaches Association
In this day of explosive scoring and rules changes that favor the offense, fielding a competitive defense is more difficult than ever. AFCA's Defensive Football Drills tries to level the playing field by providing the defense with practice activities that teach defenders the skills they need to excel. The book's 70 drills are divided into four sections:- Defensive Line drills- Linebacker drills - Defensive Back drills - Team Defense drillsDeveloped in cooperation with the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA)—the leading football coaching organization with more than 8,000 members—this book features drills and insights from many of the country's best college and high school defensive coaches.AFCA's Defensive Football Drills develops the fundamental skills every defender needs to compete in today's game—an aggressive style of play and an understanding of complex defensive strategies. All of the drills in the book are presented in a standardized two-page format and are accompanied by a list of key coaching points and an illustration, making them easy to understand and teach. Many of the drills can be performed by players without a coach's supervision. AFCA's Defensive Football Drills—it's the best defensive read a coach or player can make!


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