Monsters, Inc.

Import Blu-Ray/Region All pressing. US version delayed until late 2009. Please note the special features are in the PAL format and not viewable on US PS3/Standard Blu-Ray players. Intelligent, funny, adorable, and beautifully animated, Monsters, Inc. will delight fans of Shrek and Toy Story while drawing a new audience of curious, kid-friendly viewers. Billy Crystal and John Goodman make a fiercely funny comedic team as job partners and best friends, Mike and Sulley. The duo works at Monsters, Inc., a gigantic corporation that captures the screams of little children and turns them into energy. The only problem is, kids aren't scared anymore. And because of this problem, Monsters, Inc. is in a jam. But when one little girl, Boo, follows Sully through her closet door and into the factory, she brings an even more dire issue to the fore: the monsters are actually terrified of children. From Pixar Animation Studios, Monsters, Inc. is an exciting adventure with a sweet, happy ending.


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