Adolescents Talk about Reading: Exploring Resistance to and Engagement with Text

Anne R. Reeves
Why do certain books captivate some adolescent readers but not others? Why do some adolescents read widely while others almost never read? Adolescents Talk About Reading shows that you can find answers to these questions and more by closely observing adolescents and their complex relationships with reading. The book also reveals what insights occur when adolescents' explain in their own words why they resist or engage with text. The book centers on a study the author conducted to discover what goes on in adolescents' minds as they look at text. The chapters present case studies of five high school students whose stories best represent adolescents' problems with reading. Each case study provides a wealth of information about the student's Reading history; Reading preferences and dislikes; Reading attitudes and beliefs; Personal reading interpretations; Writing experiences; You'll discover how going beyond the surface of students' typical reasons for resisting or engaging with reading may lead to finding the key to each student's reading success. This book will allow you to see more clearly your students' own reasons for resisting or engaging with text.


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