Eve Bunting
Thirteen-year-old Brodie Lynch has been planning the perfect summer. He is going downriver-camping, fishing, and living off the land-with his best friend. But at the last minute, his troubled 12-year-old cousin Alex comes to stay. Instead of enjoying himself, Brodie must stay home and keep Alex company. When Brodie learns his cousin doesn't even know how to swim, he decides to fix that. He takes Alex to the swimming hole alongside the churning Blackwater River. But once there, a harmless prank goes too far, and the boys' lives are changed forever. As one lie follows another, Brodie must decide which is worse: living with fear, or confessing the truth. Best-selling, award-winning author Eve Bunting illustrates that honesty gives hope even when things are the darkest. Jeff Woodman's performance heightens the suspense as the events spin out of control.


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